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What's the microbiome thing?

Did you know that there are more bacteria living inside us, than there are cells of us? So just who do you think you are?

Not until fairly recently could scientists actually detect all of these bacteria within us, as many simply wouldn’t grow in a petri dish. In fact, whole new strains of bacteria have been identified since the technology was developed. This is the ultimate in personal self-discovery!

The microbiome is the bacterial and other microbial colonisation of your digestive tract. It’s not an organ per se, however, it exerts a profound influence on our health as it is the interface between our external and internal world. It’s effects extend to our central nervous system, and our endocrine system, as well as the gut itself.

By collecting a simple sample of faecal material from the toilet paper, your complete gut microbiome can be revealed. Concurrently, a thorough questionnaire about your dietary habits is submitted online by you, and voila!

Armed with this information, a detailed evidence based report is produced, detailing the level of diversity of your microbiome, and how yours compares to others, in particular to the healthy group range. You’ll also learn what types of food to fuel to your beneficial bacteria and why certain foods are advantageous to include in your diet and get key insights relating to your health. This is really personalised medicine!

The whole field of metagenomics is exploding at present, with almost weekly breakthroughs revealing links between our gut health and such diverse things as diabetes, mental health, heart disease, colon cancer, our central nervous system, inflammatory bowel disease and obesity. In fact, the composition of our gut microbiome is the key to pretty much all of our health outcomes, so we can’t overlook its importance, if we’re to take a holistic viewpoint in developing wellness.

There’s an Australian company that’s a world leader in this metagenomic research, that offers the most comprehensive testing available. Dr Andrew Morris has completed their Practitioner Training Program, and so is well equipped to answer your questions after he’s received your personalised gut microbiome report. Please note that he receives no remuneration from this company in recommending their services, however, sees this information as highly relevant to assisting you to make appropriate dietary choices in order to build a strong foundation for future wellness.

You can call Morris Wellness on 6239 5881

to enquire about completing your gut microbiome analysis with Dr Andrew Morris

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