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We offer a unique approach to health that leverages diet, physical activity, sleep, emotional wellbeing, and avoiding risky substances to not only prevent, but also treat and reverse lifestyle-related diseases. This means your doctor acts as both a medical expert and a coach, enabling you to take the actions towards your better health.


Restoring the focus of medicine towards health and healing


Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food


Physical Activity

Regular physical activity reduces the risk of many adverse health outcomes

Comprehensive Medical Care

general medical check-ups

minor surgery, including skin cancer removals

general dermatology

antenatal & postnatal care

Lifestyle Medicine | Morris Wellness

In addition to Lifestyle Medicine, Morris Wellness offers primary orthodox holistic medical care to individuals and families.

Some of our General Practice services include:

travel and other adult immunisations

pathology collection

men’s health

gynaecology, including cervical screening tests

bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

physical (manipulation)


occupational health, including pre-employment medicals

Morris Wellness | Kingston ACT | Skin Cancer & Lifestyle Medicine
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At Morris Wellness, we concern ourselves with the diets of our clients as this has a tremendous impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing. We promote a whole foods plant-based diet in general, however we’re happy to partner with you as you explore various dietary approaches, endeavouring to support you with sound, objective feedback. Our clinical approach is a unique blend of food awareness and medical science.

Your Doctor

Dr Andrew Morris is highly trained and has a wealth of knowledge in lifestyle medicine. He can guide and inspire you through the confusing plethora of different health approaches that exist today, helping you develop self-efficacy and sustainable, robust health. Through his guidance and support, and your perseverance, you can expect to see reversal of many of your symptoms, and experience increased energy and vitality. Additionally, medications can often be reduced or ceased altogether. You’ll look healthier, and feel younger.

Australia by 2050

Master Your Own Health

We're passionate about sharing and exchanging knowledge about health and wellness. We want to partner with you to help you to be your best and seek to supply you with ongoing education from the foremost nutrition experts in the world, empowering you to make informed lifestyle choices. On our bookshelf you can find a selection of recipe books and educational materials on the subject of lifestyle medicine.

Tune into vibrant health

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Mind Body Medicine

Skin Cancer Medicine

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